Standards are consensus-based documents that are approved by a recognised body and provide rules, guidelines or characteristics for activities or their results. They are based on consolidated results of science, technology and experience and therefore, promote knowledge and technology transfer. Especially in the field of Information and Communication Technologies and in Security (i.e. crisis management), a high demand for standards has been identified. 

Standardisation ensures the quality or safety of a given product, thereby supporting its integration within European industry and society. It contributes to support innovation, promote the adoption of new technologies and help keep sensitive information secure.

What do we do?

PSCE is engaged in standardisation activities in order to bring innovation to the Public Preparedness and Disaster Response (PPDR) market. Our community ensures the continual improvement and evolution of public safety information and communication systems for the safety and security of our citizens.

PSCE is ETSI’s full member and is participating to the Industry Specification Group on a European Common Information Sharing Environment Service and Data Model (ISG CDM). PSCE is also an individual member of 3GPP  and it has actively contributed to two CEN Workshop Agreements.