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PSCE is a key actor in the area of public safety and security in Europe, driving innovation and fostering exchanges between experts in the field


Do not miss the latest news in the field of public safety and security in Europe


PSCE gathers key actors and experts of the European public safety ecosystem


PSCE is active in various thematic areas related to public safety and security

Success of the PSCE Conference in Salzburg !

More than 100 delegates from the European Public Safety community (research, industry, practitioners, policymakers) gathered in Salzburg at the occasion of the PSCE conference, which also featured a live demonstration with practitioners.

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🗣 #BeSeenBeHeard: Promoting youth participation and amplifying young voices in public life

@TheBodyShop & @UNYouthEnvoy = global campaign to support young people's political participation and amplify young voices in public life.


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