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What connectivity to improve PPDR?2023Pdf
PSCE Policy Position on Climate Action2020Pdf
PSCE comments to BEREC guidelines on how to assess the efficiency of public warning systems transmitted by different means 2020Pdf
CritiCal CommuniCations iot: Technical Analysis of Service Levels2020Pdf
CritiCal CommuniCations iot: Concepts Paper2020Pdf
PSCE Annual Report 20162017Pdf
Proposal to review EU policy regarding Mission Critical telecommunications according to requirements for public safety communication2017Pdf
PSCE Input for horizon 2020 Work programmes 2018 - 20202016Pdf
PSCE DigitDivid Endorsement2009Pdf
Response to Public Consultation on the Digital Dividend2009Pdf
PSCE Response to EC RSPP Consultation2010Pdf
PSCE Response to RSPG Opinion2010Pdf
A Community approach on the prevention of natural and man-made disasters. PSCE position2010Pdf
Non-Paper on European Public – Private Partnership for Resilience (EP3R). PSCE position2010Pdf
Radio Spectrum Policy Programme (RSPP), PSCE Letter to the Rapporteur, European Parliament2010Pdf
Position paper of the Forum for Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE) on the proposal for a decision establishing the first radio spectrum policy programme (COM(2010)471) )2010Pdf
PSCE Position Paper on the EC Communication entitled “Towards a stronger European disaster response: the role of civil protection and humanitarian assistance”2011Pdf
PSCE Reply to the DG ENTR’s Public Consultation on an Industrial Policy for the Security Industry2011Pdf
PSCE Letter to MEPs of ENVI Committee: Towards a stronger European disaster response2011Pdf
Public Consultation on Cloud Computing. PSCE Position2011Pdf
PPDR needs for dedicated harmonized spectrum for high speed data usage2011Pdf
PSCE Position Paper on Union Civil Protection Mechanism2012Pdf
PSCE Position on the “Horizon 2020”2012Pdf
PSCE answer to Survey on possible research needs in Horizon 20202012Pdf
PSCE Response to the “Improving network and information security (NIS) in the EU” Survey2012Pdf
PSCE reaction to the Catalogue of PPDR Applications Related Requirements drafted by CEPT FM49 Project Team2012Pdf
PSCE Response to the public consultation on “The Union’s Humanitarian Aid”2013Pdf
PSCE supports the NPSTC statement regarding the independent networks for mission critical voice communications2013Pdf
PSCE Input to the Mandate M/487 Final Report to Establish Security Standards Submitted to the European Commission2013Pdf
PSCE response to the Radio Spectrum Policy Group (RSPG) draft Work Programme “2014 and beyond”2013Pdf
PSCE TCCA Press Release-Critical communications users look to information-rich services of the future2014Pdf
Report from the PSCE-TCCA seminar on the Future of communications2014Pdf
Response to the report on the future use of the UHF bank in Europe2014Pdf
PSCE Letter in Response to Report “Is Commercial Cellular Suitable for Mission Critical Broadband?"2014Pdf
PSCE SATCOM policy2014Pdf
Joint PPDR opinion regarding RSCOM.15-422015Pdf