Success of the PSCE Conference in Salzburg with a live demonstration with practioners!

The PSCE Conference took place on the 11th and 12th of May 2022 in Salzburg, Austria in collaboration with the University of Salzburg. This edition was focused on key topics in the fields of Public Safety and Public Protection and Disaster Relief (PPDR), including:

  • Cross-border cooperation
  • 6G for Public Safety Communication
  • Operational Mobility: The results of BroadWay
  • Facing Future Pandemics
  • Use of Robots in Public Safety missions

The event gathered more than 100 participants from across Europe and beyond and from heterogeneous backgrounds (practitioners, researchers, industry, civil servants). In addition to the high-level talks and dynamic exchanges amongst participants, this edition was marked by a live demonstration jointly carried out by the local branch of the Austrian Red Cross and the Bavarian Red Cross. A rescue helicopter, mobile command centers, Medical emergency support vehicles, cutting-edge drones and live canine training were all showcased to conference participants who also had the opportunity to further ask questions to attending practitioners and experts from the Red Crosses on their daily operations.

In a world where disasters and incidents become increasingly frequent and difficult to predict, it is crucial that all actors engaged in crisis management activities, from solution providers to public authorities and practitioners, have the opportunity to gather and seek innovative pathways to minimize the negative impacts of such crises. In this regard, the debates triggered by the topics at PSCE Conference will certainly contribute to improving the efficiency of public safety operations and PSCE is proud to act as part of this effort. 

Finally, the conference was also the occasion to provide the audience with a comprehensive update of the development of BroadWay, a Pre-commercial-procurement project coordinated by PSCE aiming to achieve operational mobility for first responders across Europe.

All conference documents are made available to conference participants and to PSCE Institutional Members. A report and overview video will be issued at a later stage.