[PRESS RELEASE] CORE Project successfully held its 1st webinar on Societal Resilience

Last 26 April 2022, the CORE EU-funded project held its first webinar Resilience of the society: a global perspective” that was all a success.

Almost 70 persons registered from 28 countries all over the world, representing a wide range of stakeholders (Universities & Research centres, Governmental agencies including ministries, European & International organisations including UNICEF, NGOs & Associations, European institutions including the Joint Research Centre (European Commission), and companies) and various domains (Disaster risk reduction, Climate change, Crisis management, Youth, Inclusion, Volunteering, etc.).

The webinar was organised by Public Safety Communication Europe (PSCE) – CORE D&C Leader – and moderated by Marie-Christine Bonnamour (PSCE Secretary-General).

A Press Release has been published, gathering general information about the webinar and CORE project, jointly to a section on each speaker, featuring a picture, a link to the presentation and a key quote (see example here below).

Climate Change as a disaster risk driver: Possible impacts of main threats in Europe & possible adaptations

Our current 1.1ºC warmer world change has resulted in losses of, and damages to, people, ecosystems, food systems, infrastructure, energy and water availability, public health and the economy.”

Birgit Bednar-Friedl (Intergovernmental Panel on Climate Change (IPCC)’s Europe Chapter Leading Author, from Universität Graz).

The related Press Release, all the presentations (PDF format) and the full recording are available here.

Inclusion & People’s vulnerability

It has been the occasion to continue exploring the topical Disaster Risk Management towards vulnerable people, after we organised last March 30, 2021, in the frame of Search & Rescue project, an online Workshop on “People with Disabilities in Search & Rescue Operations”.

Vulnerable groups, community engagement and inclusivity being Council of Europe’s pillars, PSCE is willing to work deeper in such topics, in the frame of the project it’s involved in and its own events, including the annual conferences.

Stay tuned!

Since last time, CORE Project released its website and first newsletter, redacted plenty of news and blog articles, and is now starting its activities, looking forward its first CORE Annual meeting in Vienna.

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