New Technologies for PPDR

During their primary mission of saving lives and preserving society’s safety and security, First Resoibders face a multitude of challenges. In both smallscale emergencies and large scale disasters, they often deal with life-threatening situations, hazardous environments, uncharted surroundings and limited awareness. Threats and hazards evolve rapidly, crossing municipalities, regions and nations with speed and ease. Armoring public safety services with all the tools that modern technology has to offer is critical. Such tools holistically enhance their protection and augment their operational capabilities, assisting them in saving lives as well as ensuring their safe return from the disaster scene.

What do we do?

PSCE is participating in various EU-funded projects aimed at enhancing First Responders’ operational capabilities and safety. Through dialogue and consultation with its members and partners in these projects, PSCE is actively engaged in identifying current gaps (end-user requirements) and support innovation in this sector. PSCE has namely organised numerous webinars to address this topic:

  • Clustering Webinar: End User Requirements for First Responders’ Technologies (3 December 2020)
  • How can Augmented Reality enhance First Responders’ Capabilities (20 April 2021)
  • Sensors and Smart Wearables for First Responders (2 November 2021)
  • New Technologies for Search and Rescue Operations (9 December 2021)

All material related to these webinars are openly available in the webinar section. 

Ongoing Projects related to Technologies for First Responders: