FIDAL Open Call Webinars

Project FIDAL launched its first Open Call on 15th September this year. To provide the possibility for interested applicants to learn more about the opportunity, FIDAL organized two webinars on 5th October (Webinar #1) and 2nd November (Webinar #2). Webinar #1 introduced to participants the application process and presented an overview of the technologies; Webinar #2 was divided in two parts: i) the first part provided more detail on the technologies with examples of testbeds and network applications from the project, ii) the second part provided an overview of what Key Value Indicators are and their requirements for the Open Call.

Would you like to learn more about this funding opportunity? Check the FIDAL Open Call Page, where interested applicants will find all the necessary information for the application submission as well as recordings and material from the webinars.