EITHOS – Psychosocial dimensions of online identity theft

Last April 2, the EITHOS Consortium held its second webinar for the public, in the presence of about 50 persons from all over Europe.

This second edition focused on the Psychosocial dimensions of OIDT. After presenting EITHOS in a nutshell, we dug into the victimology perspective with insights from the literature, Psycho-Social Consequences of OIDT, LEAs’ needs, Victim experiences, prevention and mitigation strategies, and policy and future directions.
That was followed by a presentation of a sibling project, CESAGRAM, about another cyber threat that is grooming and more specifically the victims experiences and tools developed for LEAs. We concluded with a presentation of the EITHOS Observatory.


  1. EITHOS in a nutshell – Kostis Konstantoudakis (Centre for Research & Technology Hellas – CERTH).
  2. Psychosocial dimensions of OIDT – Veronica Moretti (University of Bologna – UNIBO).
  3. Online grooming, another perspective – Theresa Ryan-Rouger (Missing Children Europe, for CESAGRAM).
  4. What about the EITHOS Observatory – Marie-Christine Bonnamour (Public Safety Communication Europe – PSCE).

📺 Watch the recording here
📚 Read the presentations here.