EITHOS organises its 1st Webinar to Public

Next Thursday 12 October, 2023, the EITHOS project (Observatory against Online Identity Theft) will hold its first webinar.

Discover the intricate world of Online Identity Theft (OIDT) within the framework of European cybersecurity in this enlightening webinar.

Join us for a quick scan of key concepts, delving into the victimology perspective of OIDT, and exploring cutting-edge technologies designed to combat this digital menace.

Our expert panel, featuring representatives from the European Commission, esteemed researchers, and dedicated law enforcers, will not only dissect real criminal OIDT cases but also explore the profound economic and social impacts of OIDT on citizens.

Don’t miss this opportunity to gain comprehensive insights into OIDT and the strategies being crafted to protect digital identities across Europe.

In a nutshell, EITHOS has been created in response to the boom of Online Identity Theft (OIDT). The observatory will contribute to the prevention, detection, and mitigation of OIDT-related crime and act as a common platform for OIDT information and intelligence in Europe.
EITHOS empowers European citizens, Law Enforcement Agencies (LEAs), and policy makers in the fight and prevention against Online Identity Theft related crime. Through targeted awareness campaigns and innovative engagement activities, EITHOS aims to raise public awareness about Online Identity Theft and associated risks and societal impact. The website will act as a hub centralizing key information and various materials on OIDT and related trends.