EC White Paper Consultation

During the last PSCE General Assembly, held alongside the Spring Conference in Vienna, PSCE presented its main contributions to the consultation of the EC’s White Paper on ‘How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs‘.

During the discussion, Members also provided inputs that have been integrated into the PSCE answer.

The White Paper refers for the first time to the EU Critical Communication System (EUCCS), a goal that the PSCE-coordinated programme BroadEU.Net is working towards, and presents a timeframe for its implementation.

As stated in section 2.4.2. of the White Paper “Security standards for end-to-end connectivity“:

The Commission is working with Member States to establish the EU Critical Communication System (EUCCS) to connect communication networks of all public law enforcement, civil protection and safety responders in Europe by 2030 to allow for seamless critical communication and operational mobility across the Schengen area.”

To reinforce the view of the PPDR sector, PSCE Members are encouraged to contribute to the consultation before the 30th of June.

For more inforamtion, we recommend to visit the consultation pager at THIS LINK