DG CNECT’s White paper “How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs?” – PSCE Consultation

An important document was issued by DG Connect on the 21rst of February 2024. In its White Paper « How to master Europe’s digital infrastructure needs?”, the European Commission presents the importance of advanced digital network infrastructures and services for our economy and society, the challenges and needs ahead of us and different scenarios and public policy actions that could lead to a future regulatory framework.

The White paper is also very important because for the first time it makes a clear reference to the objective of establishing the EU Critical Communication System (EU CCS) to connect communication networks of all public law enforcement, civil protection and safety responders in Europe by 2030 to allow for seamless critical communication and operational mobility across the Schengen area. The related setting of mission critical standards will enhance strategic autonomy in a particularly sensitive segment of the communication sector”.

This document is open-up to consultation until the 30 of June 2024 and PSCE Members are called for action, in order to get back to the Commission with a common voice

Consultation page at https://digital-strategy.ec.europa.eu/en/consultations/consultation-white-paper-how-master-europes-digital-infrastructure-needs.