COSMIC – The Contribution of social media in crisis management

The Contribution of Social Media in Crisis management (COSMIC) project identified the most effective ways to utilise new information and communication technologies (ICTs) in crisis situations for the protection of ordinary citizens.

It worked to ensure better linkages between prevention, detection, reporting and rescue in crisis situations, as well as assist officials and first responders (i.e., police and law enforcement agencies, search and rescue and medical personnel) in using new ICTs and applications to be more effective and efficient during crises.

The project resulted in a set of guidelines for citizens, government authorities, first responders and industry for the most effective use of ICTs to aid citizen security during crises.

The project ran from April 2013 to April 2015. Throughout the course of the project, PSCE was in charge of dissemination activities and the organisation of various project workshops and the COSMIC final conference.

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