Collaborative session on Mission Critical Apps at the PSCE Conference in The Hague

PSCE is pleased to announce that this year’s PSCE Winter Conference, taking place in The Hague (The Netherlands) on 5th & 6th December will also include a collaborative session on Mission Critical Apps. The session will be led by Fidel Liberal, Professor at the University of the Basque Country and Katrina Petersen, Senior Researcher Consultant at PSCE.

Building on the work of BroadEU.Net, PSCE and BroadEU.Net are running a series of activities to co-create the best way to develop and maintain a sustainable ecosystem for interoperable pan-European mission critical communication, with the aim to inform, shape and contribute to the establishment of a European Critical Communication System (EUCCS).

During the co-creation session participants will be reflecting on:
1. How can mission critical apps and ecosystem be a win-win for everyone? 
2. What should this ecosystem look like?
3. How would this work in practice? 
4. What are key enablers and blockers that push this forward?

The session will build on the conversations started during the co-creation event at the 5G Techritory in Riga in October this year, which highlighted aspects that will need to be taken into consideration including the challenges across different countries, tensions between what is technologically possible and the policy guiding response activities, trust in technologies, and the dichotomy between easy accessibility and security.

Interested to join us to this very relevant session? Then do not forget to register for the PSCE Conference at THIS LINK!