BroadEU.Net Launches an Open Market Consultation

BroadEU.Net Launches an Open Market Consultation

The BroadEU.Net programme has released a Prior Information Notice (PIN) on the Official Belgian procurement portal on 5th March and on the Official Journal of the European Union (OJEU) and Tenders Electronic Daily – (TED) on 7th March.

The PIN announced the opening of an Open Market Consultation (OMC) which is the preparatory stage supporting the procurement of Mission Critical testbeds. The BroadEU.Net programme is part of the process aims to identify solutions that will contribute towards the establishment of a European Critical Communication System (EUCCS[1]). This consultation will support the BroadEU.Net procurement team in refining the tender specifications for which BroadEU.Net expect to issue a contract notice (Request for Tender) shortly after the conclusion of the OMC process.

This OMC process will allow us to gain market insight and expertise from businesses and key stakeholders in order to be able to advance in the field of Mission Critical mobile broadband technology, supporting the establishment of EUCCS.

An OMC Questionnaire was also released. Interested parties including innovative businesses and suppliers, entrepreneurs, start-up and relevant experts delivering tech solutions for critical communication systems are invited to take part in the survey until 5th April 2024.

A Briefing Event is planned for 19th March, from 10.00 to 12.00 CET. To access the event, participants are kindly requested to fill in the Registration Form

For more information, check the OMC page on the BroadEU.Net website.

[1] Section 2.4.2 ‘The Commission is working with Member States to establish the EU Critical Communication System (EUCCS) to connect communication networks of all public law-enforcement, civil protection and safety responders in Europe by 2030 to allow for seamless critical communication and operational mobility across the Schengen area’