Border Security and Crime Prevention: a workshop by EITHOS and the FCT and BM Cluster projects

EITHOS has joined efforts with its fellow projects TENSORFLEXI-Cross and ODYSSEUS to organize a Fight against Crime and Terrorism (FCT) and Border Management (BM) clustering workshop. The event will take place on Tuesday 12th March 2024, 13h30-16h30 CET with the aim to explore groundbreaking advancements in border security and crime prevention facilitated by these projects.

The workshop will cover various aspects of the four projects including:

  • Technical progress with a focus on AI and Biometric features
  • Exploitation activities
  • Ethics and Policy actions
  • Next steps for enhancing border security and crime prevention

Interested stakeholders in the field of border security and crime prevention are invited to join the workshop.

The registration link to the event can be found HERE