Video and Report of our latest conference in Brussels now available!

Last 30th November and 1st December 2021, in collaboration with the Belgian Federal Police, PSCE held its 23rd conference in Brussels; it gathered around 80 participants and a variety of EU officials from DG CNECT, DG ECHO, DG HOME, ESA and other high-level speakers to discuss on public safety and crisis management.

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PSCE transcribed all the presentations of the event, as it follows:

TOPIC 1: Artificial Intelligence: How can AI enhance First Responders’ Situation Awareness?

1. The European approach to AI – Yordanka IVANOVA, European Commission (EC) – DG CNECT

2. Analysing geo-social media using AI algorithms – Bernd RESCH, University of Salzburg

3. Augmented connectivity for First Responders in AI-driven UAV missions: an edge-cloud perspective – Leonardo GORATTI, Triagnosys

4. Cooperative Digital Solutions for Crisis Management – Mario DROBICS, Austrian Institute of Technology GmbH (AIT)

5. Social media usage for Supporting Situational Awareness Systems – Georg AUMAYR, Johanniter Austria

TOPIC 2: Climate Change Emergencies: how to improve preparedness?

1. Union Civil Protection Knowledge Network: how to improve preparedness at EU level – Felix BLOCH, EC – DG ECHO

2. Recent flooding in Germany: lessons learnt – Uwe KIPPNICH, Bavarian Red Cross

3. Preparing for the crisis of tomorrow – Mercedes AGUERRE, French Red Cross

4. Public warning: Article 110 – European Electronic Communications Code (EECC) – Joe Lynch, Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications (BEREC)

5. Science and Human factor for Resilient Society (CORE) – Marie-Christine BONNAMOUR, PSCE

6. Space Applications for improving Emergency Response – Rita RINALDO, European Space Agency (ESA)

TOPIC 3: Mission Critical Applications using Broadband Communications: current and future solutions

1. Towards an EU-wide interoperable communication system for security – Max BRANDT, EC – DG HOME

2. BroadWay: From Solutions prototypes to Pilots implementation – David LUND, PSCE

3. National Broadband Applications

a. The Netherlands: Introduction and use of mobile applications within the Dutch PPDR organizations – Feiko VERMEULEN, Dutch National Police

b. Finland: How 5G, AI and Cloud can enable new public safety services – Kari Junttila, Erillisverkot

c. France: Réseau Radio du Futur Programme – priority mobile, secure, high speed, resilient communication system – Renaud MELLIES, French MoI

d. Belgium: Towards Mission Critical data in Belgium Lessons from the past Visions for the future Jo DEWAELE, ASTRID

4. EPICENTRE: 5G Experimentation Infrastructure hosting Cloud-native Netapps for PPDR – Ioannis MARKOPOULOS, NOVA

5. 5G critical applications development for First Responders – Drazen RIBAR, AIRBUS

6. European Vision for the 6G Network Ecosystem: the voice of the European industry for the development, deployment and evolution of 5G – Mikko UUSITALO, Nokia Bells Lab Finland

Funding Opportunities

1. Internal Security Fund (ISF)Arnoud HEERES, EC – DG HOME

2. SNS (Smart Networks and Services): the voice of the European industry for the development, deployment and evolution of 6G Smart Networks and Services – David LUND, PSCE

Not forgetting the mention to pitch elevators that highlighted industry and EU projects which provide solutions in public safety and crisis management domains, panel discussions, exhibition areas, PSCE General Assembly and Committees, social event.

Please find here after the Conference Report and the Video Recap of PSCE Conference in Brussels – 2021.

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