Successful final CIPROVOT event

The final CIPROVOT event “How to best train volunteers?” successfully took place in Brussels, last Wednesday, November 20th. The venue was at the Umbria Region, in Schuman, and it welcomed external speakers from the Red Cross EU and DG Education.

Mr Eberhard Lueder, Red Cross, offered a perspective on Volunteer Training, explaining the frequent asked questions that the organisation received regarding the training, practice and motivation of volunteers.

As for DG Education, it was represented by Ms Malgorzata Kozak, who delivered a speech about the impact of Erasmus+ programme - which has funded CIPROVOT – for climate change.

Overall, it was an opportunity for participants to learn more about the project, including its training methodology and framework, which resulted in the development of a MOOC that was elaborated in four different idioms – English, Spanish, Portuguese and Italian. These results were presented by CESIE and APSU, direct partners in the project. APSU presented an interactive exercise to collect feedback and suggestions on the exploitation of the project results.