PSCE Comments on BEREC draft Work Programme

BEREC ( Body of European Regulators for Electronic Communications) has launched a consultation on its 2020 work programme which includes also the first elements of a mid-term strategy. Next year, BEREC will primarily focus on the important, mandatory projects, which cover the five strategic priorities of BEREC. The 5G implications continue to be a strong focus in the BEREC Work Programme, in particular the implications 5G may have on the ecosystem and consequently on regulation. Net Neutrality or Open Internet will remain an important focus for BEREC, with the update of the Net Neutrality Guidelines in the beginning of 2020.

PSCE provides its feedback to the planned activities on the preparation of guidelines for the implementation of EECC article 110 on Public Warning Systems as well as the regulatory requirements to support adoption of 5G for public safety mobile broadband applications.

The document containing PSCE feedback on BEREC Work Programme is available here.