Success of the 2nd PWS Workshop in Helsinki

Second successful European workshop on Public Warning Systems, 8 October 2019, Helsinki

On October 8th, the second of a series of three workshops to support national authorities with getting it right first time by defining the policy, regulatory, standards and funding arrangements to become fully compliant with the EU Directive. This second workshop complements the first on the operational and functional requirements for the design of their national PWS. Again, we based our approach on the solid, hands-on experience and lessons learnt from other countries that have done this already.

This second workshop was hosted at the Finnish Ministry of the Interior (MoI) in Helsinki. 7 countries sent delegates along with some of the world’s leading suppliers of public warning technologies and platforms, and the European Commission’s DG “Echo”. Mr Janne Koivukoski, Deputy Director General for Finland’s Rescue Services presentedn the MoI’s plans for an effective national PWS.

As before, the event also benefitted from the expertise shared by its facilitator, Mr Michael Hallowes, the former Emergency Services Commissioner (Victoria) and National Director of Australia’s “Emergency Alert Program”.

Once again, the workshop focused on bringing together national project teams to accelerate the process for design through to delivery, with everyone collaborating for success to improve public safety for all.

The day was framed around navigating the path for an effective policy, regulatory, standards and funding framework. Participants received a booklet to help inform their own national project.

“This well-structured approach to developing the framework matches perfectly our work on delivering an effective Public Warning System. It helped significantly towards accelerating our national project, because everyone involved shared freely what they are doing to ensure success. This unprecedented approach of collaboration means we can reach implementation faster and at a reduced cost. I recommend to anyone involved in implementing Article 110 EECC to take advantage of these workshops.” Margus Rohtla, State Infocommunication Foundation Estonia

To attend the third in our series of collaborative workshops, please visit this page.

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Upcoming workshops:
• 3 December 2019 – Operational Readiness and Community Preparedness/Education (French Ministry of Interior, Paris) and day-one of the PSCE Conference
• Repeats in 2020 - let us know where and when would suit your plans regionally and/or country by country.”