Workshop on Optimizing Real Time Information Exchange in PPDR - 11 September 2017


We are pleased to announce that the CONCORDE & EPISECC Projects are organizing a joint workshop on Optimizing Real Time Information Exchange in Emergency and Disaster Management to take place on 11 September in Brussels, Belgium.

Both projects are now coming to an end and this workshop will be the opportunity to present the projects’ results as well as reflect on the work that has been done in the course of the past three years.

The EPISECC project will present its conceptualization of a Common European Information Space (CIS) as a key element in a future integrated pan-European crisis and disaster response capacity. EPISECC worked to develop a common Taxonomy and an ontology model aimed at addressing the Semantic Interoperability issue and also focused on the establishment of Interoperability at Physical (i.e. network) and Syntactical (i.e. automated information exchange) levels. The EPISECC proof of concept as well as a video will be presented to the audience.

On the other hand, the CONCORDE project will present the platform it has developed to support and enhance the existing decision processes during medical emergencies at local, regional and cross-border level, from small incidents to large scale emergency situations. The platform will be demonstrated showing how CONCORDE has the potential to improve the operational information flow within the emergency medical services, as well as the communication and coordination between people requiring emergency medical help, the responders and a resilient community. The technical innovations brought by the CONCORDE project and a video of a pilot session will be presented.

This event will gather a wide range of stakeholders including experts from the public safety & medical emergency domains, researchers, actors from the industry and members of the European Commission.

Please be informed that this event occurs one day prior to DG HOME’s Community of User (CoU) meeting that will take place on 12-13-14 September at the same location.

For the practical details regarding the venue as well as the preliminary meeting agenda, please click here.

To sign up to the workshop (free of charge), click here.