The BroadMap project: closure and future initiative

The BroadMap project, coordinated by PSCE, is soon coming to an end! this project, after validating PPDR (Public Protection and Disaster Relief) organizations’ existing requirements, will pave the way to the next step - the future innovation procurement for an EU-interoperable broadband radio communication system for public safety and security, providing better services to first responders and police agencies. 

The BroadMap project has been closely monitored by the European Commission DG Home, and has become a flagship project. It is presented as a successful example of pan-European cooperation of public authorities, preparing to procure innovation for the benefit of secure society.

The Final BroadMap Workshop will in particular present the outcomes of the BroadMap project, and provide information on the next steps after the end of the project.

What: BroadMap Final Workshop
When: 6 April 2017
Starting time: 10:00
Where: Belgian Federal Police, Rue Royale 202A, 1000 Brussels, Belgium
Target audience: The BroadMap Final Workshop is open to PPDR practitioners, companies and research centers/universities interested in the future development of EU interoperable broadband technologies for public protection and disaster relief (PPDR)

If you wish to attend, please follow this link.


Please find an exhaustive presentation of the BroadMap project