Success of the Joint Meeting on CIS

The joint event that took place Tuesday 28 February at HUSA President Park on a common information space was a great success.

The 4 projects: EPISECC, SECTOR, SECINCORE & REDIRNET gathered to respond to the European Commission’s call to develop a Common Information Space (CIS). Each project presented its own conceptualization and approach of a CIS.

It resulted that, although the 4 projects started from similar grounds, they ended up with different conclusions and a variety of applications, thus making the exchange of information adapted to a wide range of users’ needs. More generally, the event constituted a great occasion to reflect on the work that has been done during the past years, in front of an audience composed of EU officials and PPDR practitioners. The audience then punctuated the meeting with a series of interesting questions and inputs.

A more comprehensive report of the meeting will be available shortly.