COncORDE Newsletter #1

In line with the world-wide research initiatives on Patient Safety and in line with the priority of the Security Call for research to contribute to Prevention, Prediction and Containment of Damage in health crisis situations, the COncORDE project focuses on patient safety, which in the context of emergency management means to reduce the Emergency response associated injuries/potential for damage.

COncORDE’s specific contribution to disaster research is to introduce a new point of view, which shifts the paradigm of researching how to handle uncertainty - to a paradigm of user-driven research of how to increase certainty in the first instance. As a Clinical Innovation project it focuses on improving coordination of patient-centered emergency response by addressing the controllable risks to patient safety. With this the project brings the clinically validated Patient-centered approach into disaster research, which will help extract the simplicity hidden in apparently complex environments and enable generalisability across the globe.

The COncORDE consortium is pleased to send you the first edition of the COncORDE Newsletter which is presenting the main achievements and findings of the project.

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