PSCE Conference in Oxford: Collaborative sessions

PSCE Conference & H2020 Brokerage event will be held already next week on 8-9-10 December 2015 in Oxford, UK.

Essential components of PSCE events are also its Collaborative sessions where end users, researchers and industries come together and exchange their views on given topics. The upcoming conference will feature the following two collaborative sessions.

Collaborative session: What’s in the Public Safety App Store - Feedback from last time.

In our two previous conferences held in Graz and Paris, we held collaborative sessions which allowed participants to meet some more people, and discuss the prospect of ‘What’s in the Public Safety App Store?’ We will present the outcome of these sessions, which will also be released as a short white paper, shortly after the conference. We will also discuss next steps to actively take forward the ‘apps’ consideration within the next year.

Collaborative session - What does public safety need from next generation of 4G and 5G?

On 10 December 2015,  we will be collaboratively discussing a number of further aspects with regard to the next generation of mobile broadband for PPDR. In this session on Thursday morning, we will break into small groups to discuss some burning questions surrounding the presentation sessions on the first day, the prospect of next generation broadband and beyond. We hope to obtain different views across our mix of end users, industry and research members with the aim to learn from each other’s experiences, and to begin to discuss solutions to some of the problems we may anticipate.

There have been many studies carried out to justify the need for broadband, the need for spectrum and the need for new services and devices. Individual experts’ opinions will be sought on some pinpoint aspects, including the following questions:

  • What would your 4G device look like?
  • What happens when the technology doesn’t work and lets you down?
  • What would you anticipate would cause the new broadband technology to fail?
  • Do you have any concerns surrounding the increased volume of information?
  • How often will we need to use this technology in a cross border situation and in our daily business?
  • What challenges do you expect with regard to interoperability?
  • Following the prospect of 5G, do you think the PPDR community should play an active role in driving the 5G agenda?
  • Are there any other burning areas or topics that PSCE should help you to learn about, or develop a consolidated view on, in the coming year?

The participants will split into groups, briefly debate, and report back in plenary. PSCE will prepare a white paper to summarise the discussion, and intend to feed back, and follow any topics in the next conference.

The complete information about the conference is available here: