E2mC Workshop in Bled, Slovenia

The E2mC consortium is organising a workshop on the use of social media and crowdsourcing to improve satellite mapping in disaster management. The event will take place on 11 December 2018 in Bled, Slovenia at the KOMPAS Hotel.

The preliminary agenda is available here.

Register here.

Success of the BroadWay Briefing and Networking event in Brussels

Broadway’s Briefing and Networking event successfully took place on September 13th 2018 at the Belgian National Police Headquarters in Brussels. The event was attended by more than 40 industry representatives and constituted the last formal step of the Open Market Consultation (OMC), which was initiated by two briefing webinars on July 20th and August 9th 2018. The purpose of the OMC was to get an insight into the current market, the state of the art and future developments to pave the way for BroadWay’s anticipated PCP to achieve a Pan-European Broadband Network for Public Safety.

PSCE chairs 2nd panel at the 3rd I4CM in Warsaw

On 3 September 2018 in Warsaw, PSCE chaired the second pannel on interoperability and multi-agency disaster response at the 3rd Innovation For Crisis Mangement (I4CM) event in Warsaw. The session was first introduced by Marie-Christine Bonnamour (PSCE Secretary-General) and chaired by Manfred-Blaha, PSCE board member and head of the practitioners committee. The event was also the occasion to present the BroadWay project, coordinated by PSCE.


What are the I4CM events?

The Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) events aim to contribute to building a shared understanding in Crisis Management through the organisation of an annual event focusing on Crisis Management topics, allowing to address issues of common interest, to develop synergies between initiatives and to discuss the research roadmap for Horizon 2020 and beyond. The event allows local practitioners and solution providers to meet and exchange on best practices and lessons learnt, while providing projects and initiatives with an opportunity to increase their visibility and impact and to liaise with any interested stakeholders, including organisations developping similar projects in other regions of the world. It intends to make projects in the field of Crisis Management accessible to a wider range of external stakeholders in a specific region.

What is the focus of this edition?

This new edition focused on standardisation and identified regional-national pressing issues faced by local practitioners such as inter-agencies cooperation and interoperability of communication systems. Furthermore, this edition gave the participants the opportunity to hear about (1) the initial results of the first Trial organised by DRIVER+, conducted in Warsaw from May 21 to 25, 2018 but also to receive the latest information about the organisation of the second Trial to be organised in Valabre (France) in October 2018

ETSI Plugtests report released

In August 2018, ETSI published a new Plugtests Report. This document is a useful input for the Open Market Consultation and underlines the different Plugtests’ events that have been recently organised and their results.

For more information

ETSI Plugtests full report