Registrations for the 4th I4CM are now open

We are pleased to inform you that the fourth edition of the Innovation for Crisis Management (I4CM) event will be organised from 12 to 13 June 2019 in Copenhagen (Denmark), at the Kosmopol Centre.

The main aim of this event is to allow local/regional Crisis Management practitioners, solution providers and policy-makers to meet and exchange on best practices and lessons learnt, while providing related projects and initiatives with an opportunity to increase their impact and to liaise with any interested stakeholders.

Co-hosted by the Danish Red Cross this new edition will focus on volunteer management in a crisis situation, with special attention being paid to issues around organised volunteers, spontaneous volunteers and psychosocial support to volunteers. Furthermore, this edition will give the participants an opportunity to learn about the latest development regarding the organisation of the fourth DRIVER+ Trial to be organised in Eisenerz, Styria (Austria) in September 2019 and whose focus is also on Volunteer Management.

The two-day event will comprise keynote speeches, plenary discussions, interviews, dedicated workshops and hands-on sessions with trainings and roundtables. Furthermore, a marketplace will be central to the event, allowing practitioners to discover innovative Crisis Management solutions.

You can find further information about the draft programme, logistics and the link to the registration by visiting the DRIVER+ website. Your participation is free of charge and we advise you to register at your earliest convenience and before 20.05.2019 to this event.

BroadWay Request for Tender Deadline Extended

BroadWay has received an incredible level of interest: more than 140 registrations and downloads of our Request for Tender. More than 80 attended both of our online and briefing/partnering events, representing more than 60 innovative organisations. More than 55 questions have been raised which further demonstrates the level of interest, but also represents the difficulty of understanding the Pre Commercial Procurement (PCP) instrument.

New PSCE White Paper on IoT for Public Safety

The Internet of Things (IoT) for Public safety PSCE white paper describes use cases for IoT in Public Safety. The scope of the white paper is to describe a selection of use cases that demonstrate the potential of IoT using different technologies: licenced and non-licensed as well as standardised and proprietary.The objective of the white paper is to show how IoT can be used to aid the practitioners in public protection and disaster response in saving human life and help local communities tackle emergencies and dangerous situations, by deploying sensors or devices to monitor the environment (e.g. air pollution, river water level detection, fire, gas detection), or in controlling devices such remotely accessing door locks, etc. The use cases are the result of questionnaires and discussions with practitioners in different fora like the PSCE conference or the PSRG workshops.

Download the White Paper here.