PSCE Conference in Madrid 2017

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  • Workshop on Next Generation Emergency Communications - 27 November

    We are delighted to announce that PSCE, in the framework EMYNOS Project, will organize a workshop and an Open Hackathon on next generation emergency communications that will be held in the premises of the Spanish National Police on 27 November 2017 in Madrid.

    Current emergency systems and 112 services are generally based on legacy telecommunication technologies, which cannot cope with IP-based services that European citizens use every day. Some of the related limitations are the partial media support, the lack of integration of social media, and the use of an analogue modem for providing e-Call services with limited data amount. Most operators have started migrating towards broadband IP-based infrastructures, and this allows for current emergency systems to be upgraded and adapted in order to fulfill regulatory requirements in terms of Next Generation emergency services.

    In order to provide a forum to researchers and industry partners to keep track of the work progress in the context of Next Generation emergency services, the first workshop collocated with the IEEE TEMU conference 2016 in Crete, Greece, was organized by the EMYNOS project consortium. This workshop succeeded in elaborating on several actual questions through key speeches from industry (Google), regulators (FCC), and current research projects such as EMYNOS and NEXES. As a follow up, the EMYNOS consortium is organizing the second workshop that will take place on the 27th of November 2017 and be collocated with the 17th PSCE conference occurring on the 28-29 November in the premises of the Spanish National Police on 27 November 2017 in Madrid.

    This workshop will focus more on presenting the EMYNOS project ESInet, particularly, in terms of architecture specification and implementation regarding total conversation, WebRTC based emergency calls, accurate location for emergency calls, and solutions for persons with disabilities. This workshop also includes key talks from the European Commission, the Spanish National Police, Madrid 112, and the NEXES project.

    As this workshop also includes a hackathon, we welcome and encourage research, industry – in particular SMEs - , and Public organizations to join the workshop, participate to the interoperability tests, and validate their products and solutions against the EMYNOS ESInet.

    For more information on how to join the Hackathon, please send an email to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

    Preliminary agenda here



  • PSCE Conference 28-29 November

    • Key Themes

      The key themes of the second PSCE Conference of 2017 are:

      • First results of Broadband adoption (UK, US, Belgian & French perspectives)
      • Regulatory barriers for PPDR (EU General Data Protection Regulation)
      • IoT for Public Safety
      • Use of Video in Public Safety

      Please note that these are subject to change.

    • Preliminary Programme

      *Please note that this is a preliminary programme. The programme is subject to change and will be updated as soon as more speakers have confirmed.


      PSCE Conference Day 1 – 28 November
      8.30-9.00 Registration
      9.00-9.40 General Assembly
      • Approval of the minutes from the General Assembly held in Munich, Germany
      • Report of the President and Secretary General
      • Adoption of the 2018 Budget
      9.40-10.00  Coffee Break
      10.00-10.10 Opening by PSCE President and welcome by the Spanish National Police 
      10.10 -10.40 Future Police Patrol Car - Mr Javier Coso - Spanish National Police IT department
      10.40-10.50 Start-ups Elevator Pitches
      Consequences of the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) for PPDR 10.50 – 11.50
      10.50-11.20 Presentation from Academia
      11.20-11.50 European Data Protection Supervisor

      Spanish Data Protection Agency, Mrs Maria Del Mar Marti, - Spanish Data Protection Agency director
      11.50-12.00 Quick Coffee Break
      Broadband Transition (US, EU & National perspectives) 12.00 – 17.30
      12.00-13.00 The US Perspective – FirstNET
      • The technical aspects of FirstNET– Mr Jeff Bratcher– FirstNet Chief Technology Officer
      • Data collection from states and users to truly understand needs and wants– Mr Richard Reed– FirstNet CCO

      The National Perspectives across Europe

      The UK perspective – Mr Steve Whatson – Deputy Director of Emergency Service Mobile Communications Programme

      13.30-14.30 Lunch Break
      14.30-15.00 The Belgian perspective – ASTRID Belgium
      15.00-15.30 The French perspective – French MOI

      The European wide Perspective

      The BroadMap & BroadWay Projects – Mr David Lund – PSCE

      16.15-16.30 Coffee Break

      Future Standards and Validation

      An update on MCPTT Plugtests –  Mr Fidel Liberal – ETSI Senior Technical Expert

      5G Infrastructure Association


      Social Event – Visit of Madrid 112 + Networking Dinner 18.00 – 22.30

      18.30 – 20.00
      20.00 – 20.30

      20.30 - 22.30

      Bus departs from Spanish National Police to 112 Centre.

      Visit of the centre

      Travel to the restaurant

         Networking Diner
         Back to the Hotel

      PSCE Conference Day 2 – 29 November 2017
      9.00 – 9.30 G20 summit in Hamburg and the situational dependent consequences in the TETRA network operations – Mrs Chouhbi Kupke -  BDBOS
      Use of Video in Public Safety environment 09.30 – 11.00
      09.30 – 10.30 Use of video in Public Safety environment – Mr Jeppe Jepsen - Motorola
      • Important video parameters
      • The upside: What is possible?
      • Consequences: What to think about?
      10.30-11.00 Video analytics in large scale events - Prof. Paolo Remagnino - Kingston University
      11.00-11.20        Coffee Break
      IoT 11.20 – 13.00
      11.20-11.50 How IoT drives the innovation towards future Integrated Command & Control solutions – Ms Raquel Frisa - Teltronic
      11.50-12.20 Results of PSCE-HUAWEI Working Group on IoT/Narrowband – Mr Paul Voskar – Huawei
      12.20-12.50 Broadband needs Narrowband in Public Safety (and elsewhere) + IoT – Mr Dietmar Gollnick – e*Message Group
      12.50-13.00 Final wrap-up and conclusions
      13.00 - 14.00       Lunch



    • Conference Venue


      National Police Central Services Headquarters

      Julian Gonzalez Segador Street

      Madrid, Spain


      From Madrid Airport

      Take Metro Line 8 (pink) at either Barajas Station or Aeropuerto T1/T2/T3/T4 and step off at Pinar Del Rey underground station. (4 stops)

    • Hotel reservations

      Holiday Inn Bernabeu

      The Holiday Inn Bernabeu is ideally located, two metro stations away from the Conference location with easy access to the city centre. 

      Conference attendees receive a special price on rooms: 110€ for a single and 125€ (VAT excl) for a double room per night including buffet breakfast and all service charges. To reserve a room please fill out this form and send it to the Holiday Inn Bernabeu.

      *Please note that rooms are subject to availability

      From the hotel to the conference

      10 min walk to Nuevos Ministerios Underground Station

      Take metro line 8 (Pink) at Nuevos Ministerios towards Aeropuerto and step off at Pinar Del Rey underground station. (2 stops)


    • Social Event

      Participants will have the opportunity to visit the 112 Madrid centre. The visit will take place on 28 November in the late afternoon and be followed by a networking diner in a nearby restaurant.

    • Sponsors

      Motorola Solutions


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      Airbus D&S

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      Airbus Defence and Space is a word leading company of PMR radio systems, terminals, control room 112 call taking, radio dispatching and applications as well as integration of PMR solutions to public safety and civil customers. Airbus Defence and Space develops, manufactures and distributes to all globally relevant today PMR technologies: TETRA, TETRAPOL and P25 radio infrastructure products as well as radio terminals for TETRA and TETRAPOL.

      Airbus Defence and Space has developed TETRAPOL standard, infrastructure and terminal products during the last 20 years. Nationwide TETRAPOL networks are in operation in France, Spain, Switzerland and Check Republic. Airbus Defence and Space provides interfaces from TETRAPOL infrastructure to connect fixed and radio dispatching terminals. Airbus Defence and Space TETRAPOL interfaces can be used to connect a TETRAPOL network to a TETRA network as well as to interface two TETRAPOL networks together with certain set of call functions. Airbus Defence and Space is working for making the European connectivity of the above nationwide networks with those, provided by other manufacturers (Motorola, Selex).

      Airbus Defence and Space has also developed over the last 15 years a comprehensive TETRA network for rich set of voice and data for multi-organisation communication, based on the European TETRA standard created by ETSI (European Telecommunication Standard Institute). Airbus Defence and Space TETRA system is the industry leader in large TETRA networks, in functionality and scalability within TETRA systems. Airbus Defence and Space delivers complete TETRA solutions, providing end-to-end solutions from networks, network management, mobile and control room terminals and services. Over the last 10 years Airbus Defence and Space has worked together with TETRA industry and operators to develop the ETSI ISI standard. Airbus Defence and Space has implemented and released the first phase release of this standard, supporting a critical set of TETRA functionalities over the ISI interface. Airbus Defence and Space objective is to deliver full interoperability of TETRA networks to the existing European nationwide networks, delivered by Airbus Defence and Space: Sweden RAKEL, Germany BOSNET, Hungary EDTN, Finland VIRVE, Belgium ASTRID, Estonia EDR.

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