White papers

PSCE White Papers are short reports or guides that inform you concisely about complex issues in the public safety communication domain. They are meant to help you understand an issue, solve a problem, or eventually make a decision.

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PSCE WHITE PAPER 1: Modelling crisis management for improved action and preparedness application/pdf 376.39 KB 01-19-2016
PSCE WHITE PAPER 2: Ultra-broadband PMR application/pdf 250.44 KB 01-26-2016
PSCE WHITE PAPER 3: Security and interoperability in next generation PPDR Communication infrastructures: Enterprise and System Architecture application/pdf 1.06 MB 02-15-2016
PSCE WHITE PAPER 4: Security Architecture, end-to-end security, privacy mechanisms and intrusion detection approach application/pdf 307.87 KB 04-12-2016
PSCE WHITE PAPER 5: PPDR Information Space application/pdf 356.37 KB 10-06-2016
PSCE WHITE PAPER 6: Smart Borders application/pdf 382.39 KB 02-15-2017
PSCE WHITE PAPER 7: PPDR Apps application/pdf 470.06 KB 04-13-2017