Launch of CORE EU-project to improve resilience to disasters

Last 30 September and 1 October 2021 in Napoli (Italy), the CORE consortium was ready to participate in the Kick-off meeting hosted by ISSNOVA with the joint organization of the University of Salerno, coordinator of the project. The meeting counted peak of 40 representatives of the 19 members that form CORE Consortium and has been held in a mixed form, online and live, due to the COVID emergency.

The context
The devastating effects of recent natural and man-made phenomena have once again highlighted the gaps in disaster preparedness in European society, highlighting the importance of increasing risk awareness and community resilience. Increased awareness of risks by society, together with readiness and the ability to apply optimal procedures during an emergency, would undoubtedly make populations more resilient. Having a better prepared society means reducing human losses during a catastrophic impact event, limiting damage, thereby reducing post-emergency reconstruction costs and speeding up recovery.

CORE in a nutshell
CORE (sCience and human factOrs for Resilient sociEty) is an EU project funded by the European Commission under Horizon2020 Programme. Its main objective is to make the social communities better prepared to face and overcome disasters, through a trans-disciplinary collaboration between scientific and humanistic areas. Defining at best the expected scenarios and the difficulties of individuals and socio-economic structures is essential to make recoveries more effective and efficient. In addition, a particular attention will be paid to the most vulnerable groups during such disasters: the disabled, the elderly, people in economic difficulties, women, and children.

Plan of action
CORE Consortium is composed of 19 international institutions including research institutes, universities, practitioners, municipalities, emergency and humanitarian associations coordinated by Prof. Paolo Capuano, professor of Geophysics at the Physics Department of the University of Salerno. Starting from different case studies (earthquakes, tsunamis, floods, terrorist attacks, industrial accidents, Covid-19), the project will provide solutions to populations on how to prepare for, cope with and overcome the effects of devastating events. Great attention will be paid to education in schools, training activities and communication through social media. One of the challenges of the project will be to create an APP that will provide the population with useful information on how to behave in emergency situations and increase their level of preparedness.

Stay tuned!

In the following weeks, the CORE consortium will release its website and blog where you will be informed of all our activities.

You may download the full story here: Final_CORE_Press_Release_-_06.10.2021.pdf

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