Commission launches EU missions to tackle major challenges including floods

PSCE welcomes the European Commission’s launch of five new EU missions, a new and innovative way to work together and improve the lives of people in Europe and beyond. 

On september 29, the Commission launched 5 new EU missions, including a mission to accelerate the Adaptation to Climate Change. The five missions, a novelty from Horizon Europe, will aim to deliver solutions to key global challenges by 2030. The EU missions aim to tackle big challenges in health, climate and the environment, and to achieve ambitious and inspiring goals in these areas. 

The Adaptation to Climate Change mission plans to make available €100 million for large-scale demonstrations to address major climate induced hazards, such as flooding, fitted to local circumstances.

Missions are a new collaborative approach to tackle some of the main challenges of our times. They provide a mandate to achieve specific goals in a set timeframe. They will also deliver impact by putting research and innovation into a new role, combined with new forms of governance and collaboration, as well as with a new way of engaging with citizens, including young people.

PSCE has developed a Communication pledging to mitigate the effects of climate change through climate adaptation. Our community is engaged in knowledge-sharing on climate change and adaptation, improvement of adaptation of strategies and plans, fostering disaster-risk reduction and reduce overall climate-related risk.

We are engaged in a number of projects and activities currently assessing technologies capable to leverage first responders’ capabilities and increase situational awareness to minimise disasters and its impact.

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