Commission brings the latest data on disaster risk with new report

The European Commission’s humanitarian aid office — DG ECHO — published the 2020 edition of the report “Overview of Natural and Man-made Disaster Risks the European Union May Face“. The publication presents the latest available evidence on disaster risks, such as floods, wildfires or diseases, that threaten the EU, drawing on the national risk assessments developed by the EU Member States and on the Commission’s cross-sectoral policy and scientific work.  

During our recent PSCE Conference, we welcomed a speaker from the International Federation of the Red Cross and Red Crescent Societies (IFRC), who made a presentation of the World Disasters Report 2020 comparing it to the Commission’s own report. The IFRC’s speaker agreed that the EU’s work, alike to that of the IFRC, presents a guiding tool for first responders, civil protection authorities and society as a whole. 

Recently, the Commission launched a knowledge centre to reverse biodiversity loss and protect Europe’s ecosystems — the Knowledge Centre for Earth Observation. This initiative, in line with the European Green Deal, will monitor through satellite imagery the Earth’s atmosphere and it will also help to assess potential natural disasters in the EU territory. 

As the threats posed by natural disasters, such as floods and wildfires, are becoming increasing realities, PSCE welcomes the work developed by the European Commission and the IFRC in ensuring preparedness and timely response during critical situations.  

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