Use Cases and Scenarios for Good Practitioner-led Innovation in PPDR, 20 November 2020

This webinar featured speakers from the University of Lancaster, Trilateral Research, the University of Munster and Exus Innovation. Some concrete solutions prepared in three EU-funded projects — STAMINA, IN-PREP and iTRACK— were presented. Both projects are pooling resources to assess best methods in effective disaster response and preparedness.  

Each panel speaker focused on a particular topic as follow:

  • Use Cases and Scenarios for ‘good’ PPDR Innovation: Setting the scene, Monika Büscher, Lancaster University, UK   
  • Engaging societal and ethical impact with uses cases and trials, Katrina Petersen (Trilateral Research) and Adam Widera (University of Munster) 
  • Presenting Scenario Builder, Anax Fotopoulos, Exus Innovation 
  • Gaming as a research method, Tina Comes, Delft University

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