New PSCE White Paper - PPDR Apps

We are delighted to announce that our latest White Paper on PPDR Apps is now available.

The mobile Application (Apps) ecosystem is one of the fastest growing markets in Europe and is considered an essential element within the European Commission’s Digital Single Market Strategy, which is primarily focused on providing a better access to goods and services across Europe. Therefore, a review of the role that Apps could play with relation to PPDR operations is long overdue. While the prospective users of PPDR Apps could be anticipated to most likely revolve around the citizen, rather than PPDR end-users, public safety organisations are nonetheless increasingly faced with requirements and offers for Apps to function with the smart-devices and terminals of the future PPDR broadband radio systems. Eventually, these new Apps should contribute to improve PPDR communications from all perspectives  (from citizen to PPDR-organisation, between PPDR-organisations and from PPDR-organisations to citizens) and ultimately save the lives of EU citizens.

The White Paper is available in full here.